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The Multicultural Workforce Essay - 1653 Words

The Multicultural Workforce: Inside Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. Introduction Telecommunication is a vital element within a growing company. But it is the diversity of a multicultural workforce that is the actual drive of the business. Telecommunication is the fastest way businesses are conducted all over the world. Employees would be lost without the aide of their computers, fax machines, and cellular phones. These machines not only make the work load process smoother and faster, but it also gets results quicker. In order for a corporation to strive and have a long existence, there are several key points that need to be taken into consideration. These important elements will be discussed later in this paper. Most†¦show more content†¦For the success and growth of any company in this day and age, these companies need to be familiar with the daily changes of modern technology and be able to adapt with these changes. Most importantly, these businesses need to know their workforce and ensure that their employees are satisfied and content. Multicultural Workforce What is a multicultural workforce? A multicultural workforce is a group of people who are different in genders, race, and ages. It is certain that America is a far browner place as Asian-Americans, and Native Americans are becoming an increasingly larger part of the workforce and population (Nov 2001). Diversity within any corporation can be a great advantage. It can also be credited for the status of some highly successful corporations that have been in existence for so many years. It is stated that the life of a workforce in America is expected to become increasingly diverse over the next decade and into the next century (1992). There are benefits to having a well diverse workforce. When organizations attract, retain and promote maximum utilization of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, they gain competitive advantage and sustain the highest quality of human resources. The diverse organization, for example,Show MoreRelatedThe Diversity Of A Multicult ural Workforce1151 Words   |  5 PagesAs for Google it is known for have a multicultural workforce however they lack on the amount of women working at google one of the reasons for this is they nature of the business, technology most women are actually not interested in technology jobs so it more prominently dominated by males. For this reason it more likely for the best candidates to be male as to there is more of them. However Google is using the diversity management to attract more employees from and develop the world’s most talentedRead MoreUnderstanding the Multicultural Workforce: Challenges, Issues and Differences1490 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding the Multicultural Workforce: Challenges, Issues and Differences Michael Widdowson Organizational Behavior November 25, 2012 Understanding the Multicultural Workforce: Challenges, Issues and Differences Multicultural workforces are becoming more prevalent in todays business environment. Businesses that make effective use of the talents of the workforce and value the differences that are present within it will certainly prosper under these conditions. Those employers whoRead MoreAdvantages of Multicultural Labor Force786 Words   |  3 PagesMulticultural Advantages There are a number of palpable advantages to having a multicultural labor force that is the product of a multicultural society. One of the foremost of these boons would be the degree of tolerance that would be inherently placed within such a society, particularly when it is reinforced by practical, daily examples of people of varying ethnicities and religious backgrounds working (effectively, in an ideal situation) together. Such examples may very well play a part in theRead MoreCharacteristics of a Global Business Leader1098 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: RESEARCH PAPER Research Paper Leadership in Global and Multicultural Organizations Research Paper This paper will examine and contrast the essential characteristics of a global business leader as well as evaluate the characteristics and practices that may assist multinational organizations retain their workforce and boost their morale and team spirit. This paper will also examine views regarding the characteristics and practices necessary for global leaders to successfullyRead Moreworkplace diversity paper1115 Words   |  5 PagesIncreasing adaptability is extremely beneficial for both management and employees for their business to be on the right track, and it allows keeping the diversity in the workplace stable. According to Greenburg (2005),† Organizations employing a diverse workforce can supply a greater variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing, and allocation of resources.† To increase the adaptability in a diverse workplace the management team and the employees must be able to work together. For associates andRead MoreFound in Translation756 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Case Study 4 Found in Translation XXXXXXXXX Principles of Management, EMG 3301 Professor Halams October 9, 2011 Closing Case: Found in Translation: How to Make the Multicultural Workforce Work 1 What role does the basic communication process in Figure 11.1 play in this case? Explain. The basic communication process is vital from the Figure 11.1 in this case. The definition of communication is â€Å"the interpersonal transfer of informationRead MoreThe Diversity Of A Multicultural Organization1224 Words   |  5 PagesThe multicultural organization Historically, diversity in the workplace was seen as an employment equity issues. As the years passed by, it all changed. The surge of globalization has needed the collaboration among people of different backgrounds and cultures. Nowadays, organizations are now creating a diverse workforce beyond just gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality. Many U.S. organizations are embracing women, ethnic minorities, and foreign-born employees more than ever before in historyRead MoreHow Spiritual Leadership Behaviors Support Cultural Intelligence1449 Words   |  6 Pagesevoke a deeper sense of purpose for themselves and their followers. The workforce within companies is increasingly becoming culturally diverse. Within the United States, the number percentage of Caucasians within the workforce is steadily decreasing each year (Reichard, Serrano, Condren, Wilder, Dollwet, Wendy, 2015). This paper discusses how spiritual leadership can be employed to build an effective multicultural workforc e, including specific cross-cultural leaderships skills needed and how toRead MoreThe Value of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Business Essay1111 Words   |  5 Pagesin the workforce. Once these differences on a fundamental level are overlooked, the openness will set in along with its benefits. According to the Center for American Progress, ‘a diverse workforce is integral to a strong economy.’ Some of the benefits listed by the Center for American Progress are that ‘A diverse workforce drives economic growth†¦can capture a greater share of the consumer market†¦[creates] a more qualified workforce†¦[and] fosters a more creative and innovative workforce†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (KerbyRead MoreEssay about Report on Cross-Cultural Management1127 Words   |  5 Pagescross-cultural management reveal that the culture is a very expansive subject for organizations to study, especially for organizations, which hire the most diverse workforce. One definition of a diverse workforce could be as the one, which comes from different ethnic and demographic backgrounds (Plessis, 2011). For studying culture of the diverse workforce, there are two parts to study, the implicit and the explicit culture. The explicit culture includes behavior while the implicit part involves norms and

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Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 866 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/05/18 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Did you like this example? According to Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper has been 1st printed 1899 by compact Maynard, Boston, MA. The Yellow Wallpaper was a feminist improperly although an language of the sign system and it plainly was regarded particularly as a supernatural yarn of hostility and psychopathy within the doctrine of King of Great Britain Allan author. Charlotte Perkins womens liberationist particularly based the case on her expertise mutually a rest cure for the cerebral state. The rest cure impressed her to jot perfect a autopsy of the medical shot in the arm established to ladies plagued by a condition earlier referred to as neurasthenia (Golden 145). In specific, it praised the field as one of the in a class by itself items of book weve got by a nineteenth-century female offspring World Health Organization in a new york minute confronts the sexual government of the male-female, husband-wife relationship.. Nearly en masse of those critics confess the fact as a feminist question written in action for a cause exhibit of the negligent gift of ladies by a patricentric society. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper" essay for you Create order However, The Yellow Wallpaper, the leader of ceremony suffers from madness hereafter the introduction of her kid. Her man of the family, John, diagnoses her process as hysteria. He prescribes her glut and leases a hole in the wall within the artless for her recuperation, and it doubtless was on its gat to one feet, more or less girls driven nuts by postnatal derangement and a hazardous treatment. However, AN experiment of the protagonists characterization reveals that the specific is to a great degree regarding identity. The protagonists fore cast of AN fake girl that from the ground up is seldom her shadow opposite the bars of the wallpapers creature of habit fragments her parity, internalizing the altercation she experiences and ultimately resulting in the complete road to ruin of the boundaries of her fair play which of her projected shadow. On July 3, 1860, Charlotte Pakistani wholesale unit Perkins womens liberationist was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Charlotte Perkins womens liberationist was the leading man or woman of learning within the womens movement far and wide the head of the line twenty ages of the 20th century. Her preacher was city reverend Perkins, and her father was female mum mustelid Westcott. The Beechers, together by all of her rapidly leader, Harriet reverend instigator, led her mutual convictions. In her a while after period as an creator, she was after to hesitate her original facet, even so she customarily gave it freedom. In 1882 womens liberationist met conductor crash helmet, World Health Organization projected amalgamation for all that 3 weeks when their 1st meeting. though hard armor revered womens liberationist and implied her objections to a standard wedding, it doubtless was to not be a bouncy union. womens liberationist was expecting at intervals sprinkling weeks, and he or she was tenor to unwarranted fits of depression all over the map the maternity and later on. She began to proceed a handwritinged on the wall of and a end of a prisoner not of her man of the family however of the hierarchy of marriage and clash separations and benefit of her nerves did not facilitate. In 1886, womens liberationist had a road to ruin and was treated for hysteria by star S. Weir Mitchell, World Health Organization prescribed destroyed too much of a good thing and contraceptive from work. Despite the gift, womens liberationist grew substandard and feared for her demented health. She fit to brought pressure to bear up on matters directed toward her hands, solo from a hard armor, and oddball to the American spot, wherever she began to confess and gave tongue lashing on the monetary and swine dependence of ladies. Next, the impractical wedding was subsequent the breakthrough for copious poems that helped firm Gilmans want and for her specific The Yellow Wallpaper that has acquire her most commonly anthologized work. At the foreshadow of its announcement in 1892, The Yellow Wallpaper got the head out of practice session The Yellow Wallpaper its imminent to recognize the classified frame of reference of Gilmans story. Since that involve, Gilmans case has been mentioned by literary critics from a large departure from the norm of views, together by the whole of the fact, historical, subjective, feminist, semiotic, and content. overall the deceased nineteenth century, ladies were breath of life of weaker than men, each physically and mentally, and were allowed low personal agency. Through the newscaster of the facts of life realizes she has AN illness; her husbands feelings of go through and superiority hinder her from getting treatment. Even her concern of hysteria is deathly quiet in her societys conception of womens toughness and anatomy. Late 19th-century expectations during married roles and psychological status ordered the lead time for this story. all over the map the Nineties, womens liberationist printed the specific The Yellow Wallpaper experienced her breakdown and waste treatment. Hereafter, womens liberationist suffered bouts of depression stemming from her hast a preference for to the way one sees it as god, novelist, and come to defense of of womens rights and thus the apple of discord between this prefer and her a chance of turbulent role as aged female and mother.

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A Review of Electrical Vehicles - 1377 Words

Four decades ago gas was on the double digits. Well now you dont have to worry about buying gas , With an electrical vehicle. The first electric car was operated in the 80s. Electrical car were popular in the late 19th century and the early 20th century, until advances in the internal combustion engine technology mass production was cheaper, Than gasoline vehicles led to the decline in the use of electric drive vehicles, The energy crisis of the 1970s and 1980s a short-lived interested in electric cars, although these cars did not reach the mass marketing stage, as in the case of 21 century. Electrical vehicle are the best vehicles on the market because they are the most reliable vehicle out their, One of the reason why is the most†¦show more content†¦According to Anthony Ingram â€Å"the study found that over eight years with relatively low milage of 500 miles per year, a typical small combustion engine car would cost over $ 4,770 only in maintenance. That includes typica l maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, tires, spark plugs and etc. On the other hand an equivalent electrical vehicles would only cost about $ 3,071† (1). This quote shows that the study conducted by Anthony Ingram in states that a gas power vehicle is more expensive to maintain because some parts in the engine need to be replaced because of the wear and tear that requires for the vehicle to be up to date. Moreover the electric enginepowere car will require less maintenance because it doesnt have mechanical parts that work together. For example the engine is more like a generator that produces electricity that changes the battery rather than producing combustion to move the vehicle. Eric Loveday states that â€Å"According to the institute for automotive that says that gas vehicles require more routine maintenance than electrical vehicles the 35 percent reducing the maintenance cost that was determined by evaluating eight years old compact vehicles. Now according to th e institute for automotive the cost maintenance a modern day, Electrical vehicles require fewer liquids and moving parts, brake wear fewer liquids and moving parts, Also brakes wear areShow MoreRelatedReport On Electrical Vehicle Technology1452 Words   |  6 PagesElectrical Vehicle Review of Literature Badur Alharbi University of Arkansas Summary Electrical vehicle technology has been present for a while and is a proven technology that need only reshaping to meet the global need. Though, in the past, the technology had failed to compete with the internal combustion engine due to initial cost, the technology has done well in recent years. Electric vehicle, EV, ability to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, like carbon and carbon dioxide, and the advantagesRead MoreA Report On Electrical Vehicle1509 Words   |  7 PagesElectrical Vehicle Executive summary Electrical vehicles technology has been present for a while and is a proven technology that need only reshaping to meet the global need. Though, in the past, the technology had failed to compete with the internal combustion engine due to initial cost, the technology has done well in the past few years. Electric vehicle ability to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon and carbon dioxide and the advantages it enjoys such as low maintenance andRead MoreA Research Proposal On Electrical Vehicle1543 Words   |  7 PagesElectrical Vehicle Summary Electrical vehicle technology has been present for a while and is a proven technology that need only reshaping to meet the global need. Though, in the past, the technology had failed to compete with the internal combustion engine due to initial cost, the technology has done well in recent years. Electric vehicle ability to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, like carbon and carbon dioxide, and the advantages it enjoys, such as low maintenance and running cost, canRead MoreA Research Proposal On Electrical Vehicles1507 Words   |  7 PagesExecutive summary Electrical vehicles technology has been present for a while and is a proven technology that need only reshaping to meet the global need. Though, in the past, the technology had failed to compete with the internal combustion engine due to initial cost, the technology has done well in the past few years. Electric vehicle ability to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon and carbon dioxide and the advantages it enjoys such as low maintenance and running cost can enhanceRead MoreThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesthat benefit society. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for societies benefit. As students become Electronic Engineers, they will become involved with the IEEE during their careers and help in developing new and beneficial technologies. Such examples of this emerging technology include: the development of Motor V ehicle Event Data Recording systems for vehicle safety, improving standards of connectivityRead MoreThe Theory Of Electric Vehicles981 Words   |  4 PagesLiterature Review An electric vehicle is a type of automotive that uses electric motors for system powering and provides propulsion. Normal vehicles consist of engines that are driven by petroleum products, petrol, kerosene or gasoline, depending on the type of vehicle in question. Electric vehicles are categorized according to the mode of operation. Some are said to be rail and road vehicles, electric aircraft, electric spacecraft and underwater and surface electric vehicles. The concept about electricRead MoreHow Fast Charging Is Becoming The Leading Technology1163 Words   |  5 PagesFast charging is becoming the leading technology used to reenergize electric vehicles in 30 – 60 minutes. With the ownership of EVs doubling each year, the need to implement efficient, fast charging infrastructure is progressively increasing. There are two technical approaches to establish fast charging 1. via a high power, 3-phase AC connection from an AC charging post at the charging station to an on-board h igh power charger in the EV or 2. via a high power DC connection from a high power DC chargerRead MoreClimate Change Is Real And Denial Is No More A Policy !1001 Words   |  5 Pagesgreenhouse gases are major contributing factor for climate change. And Inter Combustion Engine based auto vehicles contributes almost 25% of global greenhouse gas emission (Better Place). With growing world population and preference toward personal transportation use of current automotive is bound to increase which in turn will be disatorouse to global warming. So we need to look for Electrical Vehicle (EV) and renewable energy. With current level of awareness for climate change people are changing theirRead MoreL S Swot Analysis1091 Words   |  5 Pages 2. LEGRANDS: Legrands are one of the specialists in digital and electrical building segments. They offer 51% of operations in commercial, 42% in residential and 7% in the industrial market. They have 7 strategic business units like user interface, energy distributor, building system, cables, digital infrastructure, UPS. 3. SCHNEIDER: Schneider is a French multinational which operates in energy management. They also have electrical and automation segment. The company has approximately 144000 employeesRead MoreThe Diesel ( Internal Combustion )1451 Words   |  6 Pagesmajor source of power for transportation vehicles and industrial uses. The Australian railways have utilised diesel engines for regional and freight purposes since the early 1950 s. Despite the extensive history of the diesel engine, the efficiency of the modern internal combustion process ranges between 35% - 42%.[1] The losses in energy arise from heat losses and mechanical losses as illustrated in Fig 1. Figure 1. Schematic of conventional vehicle system model. Only a small percentage of energy

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Clinical Trials Information For Patients Essay Research free essay sample

Clinical Tests Information For Patients Essay, Research Paper Clinical Tests Information for Patients General Description What is a clinical test? In malignant neoplastic disease research, a clinical test is an organized survey conducted in people with malignant neoplastic disease to reply specific inquiries about a new intervention or a new manner of utilizing a known intervention. Each survey tries to increase medical cognition and to happen new and better ways to assist malignant neoplastic disease patients. Besides analyzing new anticancer drugs, clinical tests study new combinations of drugs already used in malignant neoplastic disease intervention, new ways of giving intervention, and how alterations in life style can assist malignant neoplastic disease patients or prevent malignant neoplastic disease from happening. Other clinical tests compare the best known criterion therapy with a newer therapy to see if one produces more remedies and causes fewer side effects than the other. Why are clinical tests of import? Before a new intervention is tested in patients, it is carefully studied in the research lab. We will write a custom essay sample on Clinical Trials Information For Patients Essay Research or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page First, a drug is considered because it changes cells or parts of cells in a manner that suggests it will destruct malignant neoplastic disease or assist the organic structure to cover with the side effects of malignant neoplastic disease intervention. Then, the new intervention is tested in animate beings to larn what it does in the organic structure. But this early research can non foretell precisely how a new intervention will work in people or specify all the side effects that might happen. Clinical tests are designed to assist us happen out how to give a new intervention safely and efficaciously to people. Each patient who participates in a clinical test provides information on the effectivity and hazards of the new intervention. Progresss in medical specialty and scientific discipline are the consequence of new thoughts and attacks developed through research. New malignant neoplastic disease interventions must turn out to be safe and effectual in scientific surveies with a cert ain figure of patients before they can be made available to all patients. Treatments now being used ( standard interventions ) are the base for constructing new, hopefully better, interventions. Many standard interventions were foremost shown to be effectual in clinical tests. Clinical tests show research workers which therapies are more effectual than others. This is the best manner to place an effectual new intervention. New therapies are designed to take advantage of what has worked in the yesteryear and to better on this base. You may be interested in take parting in a test. You should larn every bit much as you can about the test before you make up your head. Types of Tests What kinds of clinical tests are at that place? There are many sorts of clinical tests. They range from surveies of ways to forestall, observe, name, control, and dainty malignant neoplastic disease to surveies of the psychological impact of the disease and ways to better the patient # 8217 ; s comfort and quality of life ( including hurting control ) . Cancer clinical tests deal with new attacks to the intervention of malignant neoplastic disease. These interventions most frequently use surgery ( cutting out the malignant neoplastic disease ) , radiation therapy ( utilizing X raies, neutrons, or other unseeable beams to kill malignant neoplastic disease cells ) , and/or chemotherapy ( utilizing cancer-killing drugs ) entirely or in combination. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have cured many malignant neoplastic disease patients and prolonged the lives of many others. A new country of malignant neoplastic disease intervention is biological therapy that usage substances that assist the organic structure to fight malignant neoplastic disease. Most clinical tests are carried out in stairss called stages. Each stage is designed to happen different information. Patients may be eligible for surveies in different stages, depending on their general status, the type and phase of their malignant neoplastic disease, and what therapy, if any, they have already had. Patients are seen on a regular basis to find the consequence of the intervention, and intervention is ever stopped if side effects become excessively terrible. Phase I surveies The intent of a stage I study is to happen the best manner to give a new intervention and how much of it can be given safely. In a stage I study, a new intervention is given to a little figure of patients. For a new drug, the survey starts by giving a really low dosage of the drug, so the dosage is easy increased as new patients enter the test. The dosage can be increased by giving more at one clip or by giving the same dosage more frequently. Physicians ticker patients carefully for any harmful side effects. Although the research intervention has been good tested in research lab and animate being surveies, the side effects in patients can non be wholly known in front of clip. Phase I surveies may affect important hazards for this ground. They are offered merely to patients whose malignant neoplastic disease can non be helped by other known interventions. Phase I treatments may or may non bring forth anticancer effects, but some patients have been helped by these interventions. Once the best dosage is chosen, the drug is studied for its ability to shrivel tumours in stage II tests. Phase II surveies Phase II surveies are designed to happen out if the intervention really kills malignant neoplastic disease cells in people. Normally groups of 20 to 50 patients with one type of malignant neoplastic disease receive a stage II intervention. For illustration, patients with chest malignant neoplastic disease that no longer responds to accepted therapy ( it has become immune to standard therapy ) may be treated on a stage II survey. Patients are closely observed for anticancer consequence by perennial measuring of tumour size to see if it has shrunk since the beginning of the survey. When the tumour gets a batch smaller and stays smaller for at least a month, the patient is said to hold # 8220 ; responded # 8221 ; to the intervention. If at least one-fifth of the patients in the stage II survey respond to intervention, the intervention is judged active against their tumour type. In add-on to monitoring patients for response, any side effects of the intervention are carefully recorded a nd assessed. Since larger Numberss of patients receive the intervention in stage II surveies than in stage I surveies, there is more opportunity to detect unusual side effects. Each new stage of a clinical test depends on and physiques on information from an earlier stage. If a intervention has shown activity against malignant neoplastic disease in a stage II survey, it becomes portion of a stage III survey. Phase III surveies Phase III surveies normally compare standard interventions ( the intervention most accepted ) with interventions that appeared to be good in the little stage II surveies. Phase III surveies require big Numberss of patients ; some surveies use 1000s of patients. Patients are normally randomized, which means they are assigned by opportunity to one of the interventions being studied. The group that receives the standard intervention is called the # 8220 ; control # 8221 ; group. The research workers know that a certain figure of these patients will be helped by the intervention. Another patient group receives the newer therapy to see if it will assist the patients more. Phase III surveies look for longer life, better quality of life, fewer side effects, and fewer instances of the malignant neoplastic disease returning. Accessory surveies Accessory surveies are conducted to find if extra therapy will better the opportunity for remedy in patients at hazard for the malignant neoplastic disease coming back after surgical remotion of all seeable disease. An illustration is a survey for patients with big intestine malignant neoplastic disease. The standard therapy for big intestine malignant neoplastic disease is surgery. An adjuvant survey could be run in which one group of patients with big intestine malignant neoplastic disease received surgery and the other group received surgery and so chemotherapy. If the survey shows that surgery plus chemotherapy is better than surgery entirely, surgery plus chemotherapy will go the new, standard therapy. Accessory surveies progress through stage I, II, and III tests like other intervention surveies. 357

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My Firm’s Acquisition Essay Example

My Firm’s Acquisition Essay My Firm’s Acquisition Name: School: Course/Number: We will write a custom essay sample on My Firm’s Acquisition specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on My Firm’s Acquisition specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on My Firm’s Acquisition specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer August 16, 2011 Instructor Name: My Firm’s Acquisition As the CEO of McCann Erickson, I am trying to acquire Ogilvy Mather advertising company, which is the same size with our company. With its acquisition, our firm is bound to become the biggest market leader in the advertising industry. Ogilvy Mather being a foreign international company in many countries around the world, we are sure to become the market leader through an acquisition in the whole world without competitors coming in close. Considering that both firms are ion the same industry, an acquisition would come in helpful in saving costs through economies of scale and a synergetic benefit as well as added expertise and diversity of services. However, considering that majority of acquisition and mergers do not go well and end up causing more problems than benefits, a close analysis will need to be conducted to come up with the best way to go about the acquisition. McCann Erickson is one of the biggest worldwide agencies that has specialized in traditional advertising and offers a wide range of marketing services through the McCann world group that coordinates several other companies such as Futurebrand and Weber. Our company has been in existence for around 8 decades and has had a vast experience in multinational services. The firm is based in the United States of America with its headquarters in New York City. The firm uses its local expertise together with its resources to build a reputation that makes it among the biggest agencies. Ogilvy on the other hand, is an international firm. Ogilvy Mather on the other hand, as mentioned earlier is an international company in the same industry in advertising, marketing and public relations. It was established around 948 in Britain as a simple service firm of few workers to become one of the leading advertising firms in the world today. The firm is currently based in Manhattan making it ideal for neg otiations of the acquisition since it is within United States. More so, the company has engaged in more diversified activities such as providing consulting services for clients and formulating strategies for its clients that they call cross-cultural marketing practice. Procedure Considering that most of the acquisitions fail, a procedure to ensure this does not happen will be required. Most of acquisitions fail due to the amount of acquiring the firm paid especially if it was too high and outdoes the benefit of the acquisitions. However, acquiring price is not the only problem causing failure of acquisition, but also other factors such as difference between the firm cultures and operation. In my acquisition of Ogilvy Mather, I would proceed using the following steps to ensure everything goes well to avoid failing in the future. The first strep would be establishing an acquisition team to undertake the acquisition procedures that will include all stakeholders (acquisition.gov, n.d.). The best thing to do is have a team to undertake the acquisition project that will contain professionals, as well as stakeholders to ensure they are aware and contribute to the process considering that know the profile of the firms well. This way, all the team members will focus on one goal of coming up with the best strategy. The team will be issued with specific duties per person and they will be empowered to carryout their roles effectively. In this team, the senior management from both firms would be involved since they are aware of the companies’ performances and the worth of the company. The second step would be describing any problem that may arise or needing to be solved. In this step the team should be focusing I on what the firms aim to solve or improve such as the problems with the firm to be acquired consideri ng that during acquisition the problem or issues are such as reducing costs, building expertise and solving the problems within the firm. The team should seek to define the desired outcomes from both firms at this stage, whether the acquisition can help meet the organizational goals, which in our case is becoming the biggest market leader and doubling our size of our firm. The third step would be examining the market sector, both private and public so that the team can know the possibilities or opportunities in the market place for the firm. This way, the team can be I a position to know what opportunities are available in the industry after the acquisition and whether the goals of the firm are achievable (acquisition.gov, n.d.). After this steps, the fourth step would be developing a performance-based acquisition that would involve conducting an analysis and formulating the objectives of the firm. Then an analysis of job would follow and then complete a performance statement for the company (acquisition.gov, n.d.). This way the team would have a draft of expected performance after the acquisition and implementation would be easier. The fifth step would be developing a way of measuring performance after developing the performance-based acquisition. This will come up with the strategy to follow in managing the performance of the firm after acquisition to achieve the desired and set out goals. This would involve selection of measure for judging the performance of the firm after acquisition to find out if there is any problem with the strategy used. The sixth step would be finding the right contractor for the work, one who will understand the performance-based acquisition set out by the team (acquisition.gov, n. d.). The contractor must know what the firm needs and possess the necessary requirements for executing the strategy. Collaborating with a good contractor will help solve some of the potential problems that arise after acquisition. The last step is putting the contractor as part of the acquisition team to work together. This last step involves allocating resources to the contractor and the team to execute the plan well that involves maintaining the team, restructuring the roles and assigning responsibilities for managing contract performance (acquisition.gov, n.d.). The contractor is supposed to ensure that all goes as planned by the team. Using these seven steps, the acquisition is bound to succeed and potential problems that cause failure will be dealt with easily after the acquisition is done. Institutional-based Issues Some of the institutional issues I am likely to encounter in the acquisition are the need to responding to constraints in the institutions and transitions after the acquisition. Most of companies at most times do not fit in most of the aspects, and such issues will arise, making a bit difficult to integrate easily (Peng, 2010). Such issues can be handled prior to acquisition to ensure that after acquisition, there will be no hard time integrating the systems of the companies together. The other issue is hard behavior ad norms that may be hard to kill to get a chance to acquire the firm such as hubristic managers and who may feel that their firm is worth more and may not feel they are better in some things and may want to remain in control (Peng, 2010). Resource-based Issues Resource –based issues are such as leveraging of the management capabilities of the two firms after acquisition that may be a little hard considering the size of the firms. Ogilvy Mather could be better in some certain management than we are while we could be better at other management places such as in traditional advertisement management. The other issue that could be encountered is integrating the resources such as cash and human resource to realize the best combination of roles and maximum productivity. More so, the integration of the intangible assets such as the reputation might be quite hard (Peng, 2010). Motives of my Acquisition The first managerial motive my acquisition is synergy that comes with combining of two firms. With acquisition of Ogilvy Mather, there will be a chance to build more power in the market since all resources used by the form will be used together with ours. This way, our weak points in terms of resources will be eliminated and some of the unused resources will be used for better purposes. In addition, this will increase our economies of scale and access to more resources. With economies of scale, there is a greater possibility of reducing costs especially from attained discounts. The other motive is growth of our firm to become the market leader as well as have the biggest market share. With acquisition, we are in a position to enter markets that we did not serve while at the same time we shall maintain the market of Ogilvy Mather. Another motive is to create value of shareholders’ wealth as well s increase the value of the stock. Innovation is the other motive that will be ea sily achieved through combined expertise of the firms after acquisition since each firm has its strong brands that will build a bigger band together (Peng, 2010). With acquisition of the Ogilvy Mather, we are in position to retain their market share and make a bigger firm after combining its resources. More so, with such an acquisition, McCann Erickson is bound to be the most powerful firm in the industry that will give us the chance to the advertising industry (Peng, 2010). However, the performance of the acquisition has to be considered first before such motives. In addition, my motive is to negotiate the most successful acquisition by ensuring that its performance is quite good. Our motives can be achieved with proper implementation of the acquisition and ensuring not to offer a bigger premium than benefits that we would get to ensure a successful acquisition. Hubris I do posses hubris considering that I am confident that my organization is the best suite to perform this acquisition and ensure success. The reason that makes me possess hubris is out of my vast experience in the industry, which has made be a better CEO. I learned that confidence boost my capabilities in executing my duties. More so, it makes me more aggressive in business that further aids my guts to take up risky situations that have brought me to my current position. However, I ensure that my hubris character does not ruin my firm and I ensure to involve others in making decisions. Ensuring Success of the Acquisition To ensure that the acquisition is going to be effective, during the performance based acquisition development, we shall consider several strategies. One of the strategies is speed at which we acquire and integrate the firm with our company. It is important to assimilate an acquisition swiftly to avoid losses and realize the synergetic benefit as early as possible to avoid having to incur costs due to unplanned acquisition. With the developed performance-based acquisition, it will be easier for our firm to integrate Ogilvy Mather into our strategy considering that comprehensive analysis abut the matching of the firms shall be done before the acquisition. This will include making quick decisions about the leadership of the firm, processing the necessary administration operations such as compensation, the business cards, and integrating the human resource to ensure harmony among the employees (cpstrat.com, 2011). The other strategy to ensure success of the acquisition is integrating sales to have one or combined sales team, marketing and service deliveries to ensure that everything id run smoothly and to enable tracking of performance. Considering that staff will play a big role in the success of the acquisition, there will be a staff rearrangement where the best will be retained and those that may not fit within the new working culture will be eliminated to ensure only productive ones are left. There will be a clear vision outlined that supports the new acquisitions and considers goals of the new entity formed after acquisition. The statement will be for all stakeholders to understand. Moreover, many acquisitions have failed to lack of better communication and joint management. Before our acquisition, we shall have a selected team of leadership to ensure the acquisition will not waste time on selection of top management after acquisition. The selected leadership team will be served with the responsibility of integrating the employees after the acquisition and ensure communication flows freely from top-down and down to top (cpstrat.com, 2011). Conclusion Acquisition of Ogilvy will not be easy, however, with careful planning the right team it is bound to succeed. With the strategy mentioned above, it is my intention to ensure that I dedicate my self to ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible so that our desired goals and objectives of doubling the size of our firm is achieved. Io intend to work with the management team of the Ogilvy Mather company to ensure that we come to a deal that will be of benefit to all of us including the shareholders who want to realize the best value of their investment. I call upon all the personnel that will be involved to cooperate and make sure the process runs smoothly and fast enough as it would be necessary. References cpstrat.com. (2011). Merger and Acquisition Success Strategies. Retrieved from http://www.cpstrat.com/merger-and-acquisition-success-strategies acquisition.gov. n.d. Seven steps to performance-based acquisition. Retrieved from https://www.acquisition.gov/comp/seven_steps/home.html Peng, M.W. (2010). Global Business. Hoboken, N.J: Cengage Learning.

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Freedom of the Press essays

Freedom of the Press essays There are now and have always been many different views regarding freedom of the press. These views are not just representative of contemporary society but historical society as well. These different views are apparent in the historical and contemporary articles I have reviewed. These articles have influenced the position I have taken on the freedom of the press. I argue that freedom of the press is critical to the maintenance of society and government today, the public has a right to know what is going on and to voice their opinions and views. No. 15 Of Freedom of Speech: That the same is Inseparable from Publick Liberty This article represents Catos view that freedom of speech is crucial to free government. Cato (1720) stated that everyone who loved liberty should encourage freedom of speech/press for without freedom of speech/press there could be no such thing as public liberty. Freedom of speech/press is the right to every man as long as it did not hurt or control another mans rights. Public Opinion and Freedom of Expression Justification of freedom of expression (press) was that it only existed for those who were in support of the patriot cause. Those that were not in support of the patriot cause experienced criticism and the wrath of public opinion (Resistance and Liberty). The example of James Rivington shows that freedom of the press is not so free or was not so free at this pre-revolutionary time. The views in this article differ from those of Cato because Cato believed that freedom of the press is essential to a good government, where it seems in this case it would be harmful to the government. This article conveys the image that not everyone was in favor of free speech/press, this was apparent in the burning of certain works, which prevented the spread of ideas. If one were to accept this view of freedom of the press then they would have to realize that it was not in...

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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 35

Case Study Example In addition, only two main manufacturers supply all the aircraft used in the industry: Boeing and Airbus (Barney & Hesterly, 2014). This makes the airline industry one of the most favorable for aircraft manufacturers and robs carriers of vital bargaining power. Ultimately, carriers have little or no power over the prices and availability of aircraft, yet this is their core input. The bargaining power of suppliers is too slanted in favor of suppliers. Buyers in the airline industry have several aspects that give them an edge over competitors: variety, intense competition, price wars, government protection, and the entry of online ticketing and distribution services (Barney & Hesterly, 2014). These factors imply that buyers enjoy a moderate to high bargaining power, which is also not healthy for competitors. As such, competitors have been forced to relinquish power to flyers in the long term. This threat is very low because of the amount of capital and the risks involved in venturing into the US airline industry (Vasigh, Fleming, & Humphreys, 2014). Very few investors have the financial capability required to successfully compete in the industry, and those that do are reluctant to confront the demands and risks involved. In addition, successful entrance demands a lot of skill, knowledge and experience; that is why rivals like to â€Å"poach† employees from one another. This threat is very low because unlike in developing countries where travelers prefer water, rail and road travel because they are cheaper, the level of competition in the US has ensured that flying is very affordable (Vasigh, Fleming, & Humphreys, 2014). In addition, the US has a very strong culture of flying, which is similar to the popularity of road transport in developing countries. As such, it is extremely unlikely that any other transport mode can overtake flying. The US airline industry is extremely competitive. It is easy for competitors to be